Rooftop Grease Containment

Control Your Rooftop Grease By Getting The Best LA Rooftop Grease Trap Cleaning

All kitchen ranges produce FOG and vapor from cooking, more so in commercial kitchens with industrial-sized appliances. These are discharged out of the roof through the upblast exhaust fan, and then the FOG is collected in the rooftop grease containment.


Cleaning the grease trap is essential to avoid grease and residues from overflowing onto the roof. If you need a trusted rooftop grease trap cleaning in LA, Grease Bullies guarantee thoughtful service giving your grease containment the best cleaning it deserves.

rooftop grease containment and hood vent cleaning by Grease Bullies
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Do You Need an LA Rooftop Grease Containment?

Absolutely! Your restaurant needs a working, effective grease containment system that must be maintained regularly to avoid expensive headaches. Rooftop grease containment has many functions:



  • Prevent causing potential problems due to fat, grease, and oil buildup.
  • Helps your establishment to comply with all federal and local health and sanitary laws.
  • Avoid the risks of fire hazards.
  • Help significantly improve the environment by disposing of toxins and byproducts properly.
  • Eliminate worries about weakening roof structure.
  • Prevent rooftop grease leaks and roof grease contamination.
  • Avoid attracting pests and creating health and sanitary hazards.


Your business needs rooftop grease containment to ensure that its environmental and structural integrity remains at the highest quality. Do not let grease and oil sit in the traps for a long time. 


Call Grease Bullies today for ideas on what cleaning services you need. Our hood cleaning specialists are ready to answer your inquiries and send a free rooftop grease cleaning quote.

How Can I Protect My Rooftop From Grease Leak?

How Can I Protect My Rooftop From Grease Leak?

Worried about the possible hazards caused by FOG buildup? Hire an LA hood cleaning company to clean your kitchen and rooftop grease traps.


A grease containment system is a vital part of commercial kitchens, helping to collect grease, oil, and residues in one grease trap. Like all appliances in your kitchen, though, keeping it clean and well-maintained will ensure it will continue to function properly. A qualified kitchen cleaning contractor will help maximize your protection from grease leaks.


Professional kitchen or restaurant cleaning companies have skilled experts to do the job with access to proper kitchen cleaning equipment for removing thick grease from the traps as well as disposing of grease from the rooftop grease cleaning and containment.


Grease Bullies will assist you in choosing the right cleaning services that will help achieve your goals before performing exceptional rooftop grease containment cleaning.

Our LA Rooftop Grease Containment Cleaning Service

At Grease Bullies, we strive to give the best kitchen cleaning services, conducting high-quality, long-lasting rooftop grease trap cleaning. Our service and process involve:


  • Inspecting the rooftop grease containment.
  • Checking if there is a grease leak or other issues that will create bigger problems in the future.
  • Disassembling the rooftop grease containment system if necessary.
  • Removing grease from the upblast fans and the ductwork. We will make sure to handle all components and small parts with care to avoid damaging the system.
  • Using the right cleaning methods and supplies to clean the exhaust fans.


Do you need a rooftop grease containment cleaning estimate for your business? Talk with our local cleaning experts. 

Hiring The Right Kitchen Cleaning Company Matters


Is your commercial kitchen producing more FOG than you can handle? Do not fret as Grease Bullies takes care of grease, oil, and fat buildup in all commercial kitchen appliances.


  • We comply with all laws regarding the proper kitchen cleaning methods, using food-safe kitchen cleaning supplies to guarantee safe cleaning results.
  • Our team of expert cleaners use their years of experience cleaning grease traps to perform quality kitchen cleaning jobs as well as advising you on the best day-to-day kitchen cleaning practices. We also use the best kitchen cleaning methods to avoid damage or creating undue risks to your kitchen.
  • Our entire team comprises friendly, skilled, and the best local hood cleaners in LA.
  • Our LA kitchen cleaning team has worked with numerous clients and we have partnered with other local cleaning technicians to make sure our services remain of the highest quality and to ensure that our methods use the most up-to-date techniques.


If you have questions about our LA hood cleaning company, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Grease Bullies is ready to help in keeping your rooftop grease containment clean.

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