Grease Bullies Complete LA Kitchen

Hood Grease Removal

Grease Bullies Complete LA Kitchen Hood Grease Removal

Trust only the best when it comes to kitchen grease removal in Los Angeles. Grease Bullies will knock out the nasty grease on your hood and kitchen exhaust system.

 As Our customer’s goals and interests come first, we conduct our kitchen cleaning services with honesty and integrity.

  • Excellent cleaning services with the quality results you deserve.
  • Years of expert restaurant cleaning experience.
  • Dedicated LA cleaning crew.

Grease Bullies will eliminate all grease from your commercial appliances the NFPA way! To make sure all California codes are followed to guarantee your safety, call our local hood cleaning experts today.

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We Have Proudly Served Los Angeles, CA With These Fine Kitchen Cleaning Services

You can contact our locally trained and qualified hood cleaners as soon as possible to see what we mean. Grease Bullies guarantees professional cleaning that will leave you with a kitchen you be in awe of.

Here is a breakdown of what our LA kitchen cleaning services include:

Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning

Want your commercial kitchen to stay up-to-code? Trusted services for a professional cleaning of your exhaust system will ensure your kitchen is safe from potential hazards. Our kitchen exhaust system cleaning involves grease removal from hoods, ducts, and fans.


  • Detailed inspection for issues, damages, or system deficiencies.
  • A cleaning process that will help you have proper ventilation.
  • Eliminate dirt and particles blocking the ductwork.
Exhaust Hood Cleaning

Your kitchen range hood is an important appliance for your business operation. Without it, cooking processes will be less effective, costing you time and money. For a reliable exhaust hood cleaning, schedule your service with us. We will make your commercial range hood spotless and working at its best.


  • Comprehensive degreasing that will remove dirt and particles blocking the range hood filters.
  • Gentle scraping of thick and hard-to-remove grease on the sides and hood filters.

When it comes to cleaning FOG and other pollutants, we exercise advanced techniques and equipment. Grease Bullies can tackle kitchen grease using high-tech cleaning materials.


For more information about our restaurant cleaning in Los Angeles, CA, give us a call. We offer a free estimate for any exhaust hood cleaning inquiries, so make that call today.

Your Business Needs a Professional LA Cleaning Service

A dirty commercial kitchen exhaust hood full of fumes, grease, and debris is a major source of hazards that could easily ignite. Grease Bullies is here to put worries of such hazards out of your mind so you can focus on other responsibilities and worry less.

Commercial exhaust hood cleaning is what Grease Bullies do best. We are equipped to remove grease from kitchen appliances and exhaust hood systems with efficiency, leaving your kitchen pristine. What we promise, we deliver!

Removing grease from commercial range hoods is also a strict requirement by regulators. Both local and federal laws demand safe and clean business establishments. Hiring a hood cleaning company to deal with hood grease will help comply with the laws. Professionals will guarantee that the cleanliness and safety of your business are up-to-code.

What you cannot see won’t hurt you? Wrong. Food particles, dust, mold, and dirt can cause health issues in both your staff and customers.

  • You could be putting your employees’ and customers’ health and safety at risk.
  • With grease lingering on kitchen appliances and surfaces, the risk is maximized.
  • An unsanitary kitchen is not a healthy work environment. Greasy surfaces and the kitchen exhaust system create a foul odor and poor air quality.

Bacteria will multiply faster if you keep neglecting to clean your commercial kitchen leading to expensive problems that can be easily prevented by employing professional cleaners to sanitize your kitchen.

If you are in the Los Angeles area, look for a professional kitchen cleaning company near you. Discuss what you need and the results you desire.

Grease Bullies is a Trusted Cleaning Service Provider in Los Angeles


There are many benefits to hiring our grease removal services. Our local hood cleaners are prepared to perform quality exhaust hood cleaning. We also do grease filter cleaning, exhaust system cleaning, and more! Most importantly, we follow a process to guarantee the best cleaning results.


We have a comprehensive kitchen cleaning process with methods carefully planned to deal with the grease on your exhaust hood and system in the most efficient and long-lasting way.


  • Inspecting your commercial appliances and equipment.
  • Determining the best approach that will prevent disturbance.
  • Identifying possible challenges and how to resolve them.
  • Getting the area or kitchen equipment ready for deep cleaning.
  • Eliminating visible dirt first.
  • Sanitizing all surfaces, especially the food contact surfaces, followed by the appliances and equipment.
  • Collecting and disposing of dirt and pollutants.


Do not let grease and dirt be the reason for your business to shut down. Avoid hefty penalties, fire accidents, and health issues. Talk with a professional cleaning company near you. Let our cleaning crew take the cleaning off of your shoulders

Do You Need A Commercial Kitchen Cleaning?


Deep cleaning is a necessity for all LA commercial kitchens. Cleaning commercial kitchens will ensure you have the cleanest and safest working environment. If your business is in the food service industry or one of these types, you might want to consider our services:


  • Bars and clubs.
  • Hotels and resorts.
  • Restaurants, diners, cafes.
  • Assisted living facilities.
  • Co-working offices with a cafeteria.
  • Healthcare facilities.
  • School cafeterias.


When safety and health are on the line, act quickly. It is vital to give your staff a clean and safe environment. Providing a clean dining area is also important in creating the best experience for your customers.


Grease Bullies’ professional LA cleaning services will ensure your exhaust hoods, as well as all other kinds of commercial kitchens and appliances, receive a deep cleaning.

Hire the Best

Kitchen Cleaning Near You in Los Angeles

You do not want your customers to have a negative dining experience, and you also have to make the necessary steps to ensure your kitchen staff is taken care of. Working with a professional LA restaurant cleaning company will ensure that this is achieved.


LA cleaning contractors will help manage your cleaning tasks. But how do you know you are hiring the best California cleaning service? What key qualities and red flags should you be aware of?

Reliable references

A professional LA cleaning service provider is one that is trusted by the community. Depending on how long the business has been operating, they should be able to give references. They must also show a history of successful cleaning jobs in Los Angeles.

Flexible cleaning schedules

Running a restaurant kitchen is a huge responsibility. Everyone works at a fast pace and having a cleaning crew during work hours is not ideal. 


What date and time can the company accommodate for your business? Can you agree with the monthly or annual cleaning schedule? These questions are important, especially when finalizing your decisions and options.

Food-safe cleaning supplies

There is a variety of cleaning supplies available to cleaning companies but not all are good for kitchen use. Make sure the cleaning supplies the company will use are food-safe. Their cleaning process should also not cause health issues to your employees or customers.

Proper cleaning equipment

Cleaning a restaurant or commercial kitchen is not easy. It is best to hire a cleaning company prepared with the right equipment. Advanced cleaning equipment will improve the productivity of your appliances and equipment and shows professionalism and dedication to fulfilling the client’s goals.

Skills and cleaning experiences

The cleaning company and crew should have the essential cleaning skills and experience. Commercial kitchens often use bigger appliances to operate large amounts of orders. Make sure the contractor can fully clean the appliances without causing damage.


License, bond, and insurance

Mistakes and accidents can happen during the kitchen cleaning process. Working with a bonded and insured cleaning company will help minimize issues. Resolving challenges will also be less frustrating.

Cost of cleaning services in LA

Steer clear from cleaning services scams. Some cleaning companies will charge more than industry practice and deliver poor results. The average hood cleaning cost is around $200, but several factors play into pricing cleaning services.


The location, service scope, and difficulty of the job all affect the pricing. The type number of hoods is also considered when estimating the cost to clean kitchen exhaust hoods.

Hopefully, this list will help you cut hours of research. To shorten your research time even further, Grease Bullies is a cleaning service provider that has a history of quality services.


If you want to schedule a consultation or receive a cleaning estimate, call us. Whatever the unique needs of your kitchen are, we’ve got you covered.

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Kitchen Hood Cleaning in LA With Grease Bullies


At Grease Bullies, we pride ourselves on quality cleaning services. We have numerous clients in and near Los Angeles, CA, and take pride in helping businesses to have a safe and clean kitchen.

Giving you the best quality services is our primary objective, and our team of LA kitchen cleaners is professionally trained to make commercial kitchens and appliances spotless. 

Try our commercial kitchen cleaning services today. With the expertise of our LA local hood cleaners, we will provide the best cleaning solutions for your needs.

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