Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning

Grease Bullies Complete LA Kitchen Hood Grease Removal

Grease Bullies strives to provide the best cleaning options to businesses in Los Angeles, CA to make sure your kitchen exhaust system is clean and safe to use. We tailor our services exactly to our customer’s needs.

Our commitment to giving excellent exhaust system cleaning begins with a free estimate. Let our local hood cleaners help plan the perfect cleaning service that will solve your problems. Call us for more information today!

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Keeping Kitchen Exhaust Systems and Hoods Shiny For Years!

We help all commercial kitchens in LA to follow the critical guidelines of the NFPA standards, providing regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure there is no grease buildup. 

For the best results, however, you need to hire a trained LA kitchen cleaning company.

If you need an exhaust system cleaning you can trust, we have the perfect solution for you. Grease Bullies have a team of professional hood cleaners that know the insides and outs of commercial range hoods and exhaust systems.

Our company gives you the best cleaning services in Los Angeles, CA!

Range Hood Cleaning

Grease and food particles can contaminate the range hoods. With our range hood cleaning in LA, however, you can ensure that your kitchen hood will be in expert hands.


Our grease removal services eliminate oily sludge and deal with grease from the hood’s underside and surface, as well as perform grease filter cleaning. This will get rid of dirt and grease covering the hood filters.


  • Detailed inspection for issues, damages, or system deficiencies.
  • A cleaning process that will help you have proper ventilation.
  • Eliminate dirt and particles blocking the ductwork.
Commercial Range Hood Exhaust Fan Cleaning

Kitchen range hoods also come with exhaust or extractor fans to expel the smoke and fume out the vents, which is essential to exhaust hood systems. That is why they need proper cleaning as well.


The exhaust fans work to remove unwanted odors, pollutants, and smoke in the kitchen such as mold that develops from the steam and moisture.


Our exhaust system cleaning will ensure that your exhaust fans get the proper required treatment. Have grease and food debris stuck on the fan blades? No problem. We will get rid of all the nasty stuff.

Exhaust Duct Cleaning

Another vital part of the entire exhaust system is the ductwork, where smoke, pollutants, and fumes travel out of the kitchen, helping to make the air quality in commercial kitchens fresh and breathable.


Grease buildup and blockage inside the ducts can become potential fire hazards, so it is extremely crucial to have the ducts receive proper cleaning and vacuuming. With Grease Bullies, our expert duct cleaners will completely remove the dirt and debris in the ducts.


We will keep your exhaust system in order by making sure the ductwork poses no hazards, and our crew will take care of the greasy oil contaminants in your ducts, dust collectors, and vents.

Trust the Best LA Hood Cleaners

We understand if you are conscious of grease contaminants since grease is a fire hazard, but do not fret! We have the kitchen cleaning solutions you need.


Grease Bullies is a trusted California hood cleaning company, providing expert kitchen cleaning that delivers unmatched results. Our services involve grease removal from all food-contact surfaces and hard-to-reach areas.


Is it time for your kitchen exhaust system to have complete and detailed cleaning? Let Grease Bullies do the important but tedious work for you. We can assure you, your kitchen will be pristine and ready to go again after we have conducted our cleaning.


  • No more oily grease on the surfaces.
  • No more sticky feeling and greasy smell when you walk into the kitchen.
  • No more thick grease preventing the full performance of your kitchen appliances and equipment.
  • No more worrying about possible health issues and contamination.
  • No more wondering if you will pass the safety and health inspections.


A proper kitchen exhaust cleaning is what your business needs and our promise is to give customers the right cleaning services they really need so that they will not have to deal with future health problems or expensive repairs. Call Grease Bullies today to schedule your kitchen exhaust system cleaning.

Make Your Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust System Spotless


Dirt and grease are keeping your operations and productivity low, but we have the right solution for you!  Grease Bullies takes care of the grease in your exhaust system from top to bottom. No more worrying about splatters and messes.


Our team at Grease Bullies will help build the best defense against the sicknesses caused by contamination by properly disinfecting your kitchen appliances and equipment, leaving your exhaust systems safe to use.

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