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Los Angeles, California Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning

Grease Bullies has years of experience and a skilled cleaning team, and as a trusted LA-based restaurant hood cleaning service, we make sure your kitchen exhaust hood is free of grease and dirt. 

Cleaning the commercial kitchen is an arduous part of operating a restaurant, but following certain regulations is vital to guarantee the safety of your facility.

Grease Bullies use the best cleaning technologies and solutions and work to provide quality kitchen exhaust hood cleaning. We perform our services in compliance with all NFPA regulations.

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Take a Peek at Our Restaurant Hood Cleaning in Los Angeles, CA

Grease Bullies promise quality control. You will work with our expert technicians and hood cleaners with no frustrating automated replies.

Professional Grade Range Hood Cleaning

Having cleaned all kinds of commercial range hoods in LA, we offer professional kitchen hood cleaning that will make your appliance shiny again. Our professional-grade range hood cleaning helps to keep pollutants, fumes, and grease out of your kitchen. 


Grease Bullies have experience in cleaning ducted or ductless commercial range hoods, so whatever type of kitchen hood you have installed, we have the right cleaning solutions for you, and we guarantee effective results that will last long.

Exhaust Fan Cleaning

If your exhaust fan is making a noise, it may mean that it is covered with grease and dirt and needs immediate cleaning. Our services include cleaning the propeller or blower fan, whether it’s made of metal or plastic

Hood Filter Cleaning

Capturing grease particles while cooking is crucial to keeping the kitchen safe, but when your hood filter is covered with grease, the potential risks become more likely. The hood filter cleaning we offer will get rid of particles and grease on all types of filters, including aluminum filters, baffle filters, or charcoal filters.

Hood Body Cleaning

The body of the commercial range hood holds the exhaust hood filter, exhaust fan, and motor, and like all components, it needs a careful and thorough cleaning. Its surface should be disinfected with food-safe cleaning products.

Some commercial kitchen hoods have unique controls and features. They have heat sensors, touch controls, and automatic shut-off functions. You can rest assured that our local hood cleaners will handle your range hood with extreme care.


Our years of experience have taught us the best methods. We know the correct strategies to clean a dirty commercial range hood effectively, and our experts also understand that exhaust hood cleaning varies depending on the model of the appliance, and we consider the hood ducting when conducting our cleaning services.


Grease Bullies will perform the right cleaning services without damaging your kitchen appliances in the process. Get in touch with our cleaning experts in LA for our hood cleaning services.

Do You Need Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning?

Absolutely! All food service establishments are required to have regular cleaning and maintenance., including cleaning the entire facility and the kitchen appliances.


Deep cleaning of the exhaust hood or kitchen hood grease removal eliminates and maintains the minimization of fire hazards while improving indoor air quality, especially in the kitchen area. Plus, with a clean range hood, the fumes and smoke are streamlined. They go directly into the vents and out of the building.


If you are unsure how to deep clean your commercial kitchen range hood, call us. Grease Bullies are proud to ensure your cleaning tasks  are done with efficiency and longevity in mind!

Why Choose Grease Bullies for Your LA Commercial Kitchen?


Yes, you have a ton of options for LA commercial kitchen cleaning services, however, Grease Bullies strives to be the number one choice. We do that by giving unmatched cleaning and maintenance. 


  • We use industry-standard cleaning practices to ensure we give the highest quality service, determined to get rid of all grease and dirt from your kitchen.
  • Our local cleaners will leave your kitchen spotless.


Grease Bullies is committed to giving excellent exhaust hood cleaning. Allow our expert technicians to help you, starting with a free hood cleaning estimate. Contact us to receive yours via email!

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The team at Grease Bullies offers a comprehensive commercial kitchen cleaning. As a trusted local company, we arrange the perfect cleaning plan for your individual needs. 


You can rest assured that our team at Grease Bullies has the experience and cleaning expertise needed to do the job correctly and follow federal and local codes.

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